Tire Wedding Rings

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Motorcycle Tire Wedding Rings

This wedding ring look so simple but very convenient to use. This one mimics a vehicle tire with combination of three serrated/waving patterns with flatter in the middle. In addition to this silver color, the other one is like a motorcycle tire, as shown in figure. The motif seems so familiar with black material to impress tough and hardy. The car tire motif is great to blend with gold material. It is so simple but shining a luxurious golden color. This type of ring seems to be a trend for years to come, some said that.

Tire Track Wedding Rings

Next the ring has wider shape with darker color at the border and squared motif at the center. It seem so perfect for men and women to celebrate their optimum happiness in wedding. Oriental motif looks so good either as seen in figure. It mimics S” letter surrounding the circle. The metal color makes this ring so glorious. There are so many other variations of tire wedding rings to select. They might come with more oriental designs or even classical western mosaic to impress the grandeur of their wedding vision. This eyeless ring sometimes impresses equality between man and woman who are tied in wedding commitment.

Tire Tread Wedding Rings

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