Turkish Wedding Ring

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 Turkish Wedding Rings

Turkish wedding rings are inspired most by centuries of Turkish culture where once this region to be central of global fashion and arts. As seen in picture, the ring has eye motif, look so stunning where blue saphire ball sits at the peak with green jade at the eye border. This design has been collected and improved by many wedding ring experts around the world. There are so many others motif and design inspired by wide cultures to cope in this region. It is true that Turkey is perfect encounter of west and east in relation with style and mode. From here we can find divided impressions of wedding ring style whether influenced by western or oriental.

Turkish Wedding Ring

The other motif uses design rich of ornaments with the black gem at the center. It is so wonderful to bring for wedding rings. The classic style of Turkish ring also presents with ruby eye. At glance it looks like a princess head wearing a red ruby on her head. The other figure presents a wedding ring with motif mimicking an encircling snake with red and green gems at the ends. It has precise and complicated crafting along the ring.

Turkish Gold Wedding Rings

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