Two Piece Party Dress

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Two piece party dress enables us to combine two contrasting colors in fashionable way. As seen in pictures, ladies present great charm with the party dress blending sparkling grey at the top and pale pink to the bottom. To the top, beads are set neatly with short sleeve to impress elegance and the horizontal line under the neck. To the bottom, amazing folds give silhouette to bring all beauty and classy in every step. Such two piece dress is so proper to wear for formal parties. No more accessories to attach since the pattern of upper part are perfectly adequate.

Many collections are available for this two piece party dress. Both long and short styles give great impression ranging from unique two-piece beaded long halter dresses, sleeveless or with sleeve dress, and others. Designers have more freedom to work with two pieces of dress. To the top, decoration is made using lace, embroideries, beads, and some other accessories. In addition, color blend in two pieces enables more ideas to be worked. For more pictures, see the gallery.

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