Vintage Party Dresses


Vintage dress models will always gain refreshed attention due to the fashion nature. In addition to the latest trend in party dress, many people now are seeking vintage party dress for various reasons. Some want to look classic and perhaps revive their beautiful memories in past. Also, designers today have designed the vintage dresses in more fashionable and elegant way. Thus, new elements are added like contemporary beading, lace, embroidery and some strap and sleeve pattern. The picture shows long sleeve dress once ever popular in 70s now regain its new popularity. The V shape of the front side makes the face sharper and the body contour is curved along with woman walks up.

Vintage style also presents with unique strap and belts. Some use decorated ribbon for belting the stomach part above the hip. This vintage models look so elegant with various colors option. Embroideries and laces are added by obeying old pattern once ever so popular. The vintage theme is elegant for cocktail party if you want to look sexy in long gown. Check the pictures in gallery for more ideas.