Wax Seal Wedding Invitations

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Wedding invitation requires unique design that makes the receivers feel being treated so special. Wax seal wedding invitation brings slightly surprise element as if it were secretly important news for only people you meant to invite. Check all wordings you write or print inside to ensure that no mistake you made. Crucial information like name, address, dates, venue, and else have to be written properly. Chose your words wisely. Next, the design of wedding invitation is important factor to please everybody. Size and shape also matter and for this you might select standard model.

As seen in the picture, the wax seal provides elegance and exclusiveness to the wedding invitation. As if it were top secret information special for the aforementioned name. The red seal seems so beautiful and elegant stamped to the white cover. There are more examples available online that would give you more inspirations and ideas. Check more pictures in gallery. Don’t forget to include reply card and stamps so the people you send with this wedding invitation can reply conveniently.