Wedding Cakes With Cupcakes

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  Wedding Cakes Made With Cupcakes

It is brilliant idea to bring cupcakes with wedding cakes. These cupcakes contribute to more artistic décor on table where crowds can grab them conveniently. As seen in the picture, the cupcakes sit on the red cotton while the others are put on higher level under the wedding cake at the peak. This arrangement is so simple but fantastic. The other picture shows a wedding cake mounts at the peak of wedding dessert with many cupcakes placed below level by level descending to the table at base. This cupcakes look so delicious with great pink and white toppings.

Wedding Cakes With Cupcakes

The cupcake size enables us to create innovative décor in a wedding party. As seen in the picture, the cupcakes are matched well with the base and overall decoration. Folks can grab them while chatting with others.  Next idea is to set the cupcakes like pyramid with the wedding cake at the peak. Blue or red colors are great for decorating the base where the cupcakes give white color. Just consider the number of guests to invite in the party and place the cake tables in strategic place where people can grab them easily.

Wedding Cakes With Cupcakes On Tiers

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