Wedding Reception Gift Card Holder Money Box

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As part of wedding decoration, wedding reception gift card holder money box is required both artistically and functionally. In many traditions, money boxes are common and shaping important parts of the wedding ceremony. So, decorate them beautifully and consider the size and shape to accommodate its functionality. Check online for more templates to inspire you. Colors would also matter, play with them conveniently and it is good idea to integrate them with wedding theme. A money box may be so simple but elegant with some decorations surrounding it. Many people have done it their selves by tying beautiful ribbons or wrapping artistic paper to the box.

Take a look to the picture of a wedding reception gift card holder money box. It is so simple with white rose ornaments above and wooden material with long narrow hole at the top. The design presents simplicity and convenience that match to all wedding themes. Check more decoration motifs available online and order them or make them by yourself at home. Pictures in gallery may give you more ideas.