Wedding Reception Gowns

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Since the wedding is not about the bride gown, we must consider how the other significant individuals in wedding wear their best gown. This time, wedding reception gown get an attention. All guests should be passing the receptionists to attend the wedding event or party. So, their gowns have to be managed seriously. The wedding reception gown has to be different with the bride’s but more have same or similar colors. For formal wedding event, white or ivory gowns send clear message to the theme of the wedding party. Take a look some designers collections and decide which one to select.

As seen in the picture, the lady wears unique gown with asymmetry style to the top part. She looks so charming and friendly to approach with her totally white gown. Her sleeveless gown has wide neckline to impress her posture and contour. To the bottom part, this long dress creates great silhouette. Take a look to the details on laces tailored to this gown. This makes the gown looks so personal and artistic.

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