Wooden Wedding Rings


Wooden Mens Wedding Rings

Wedding rings don't have to be made one hundred percent from metal materials. Or, even they can be made from one hundred percent non metal materials. It is wooden wedding rings. Wood has unique and perhaps ethnic expression with dominant colors like gradation of brown colors and even black color. It is simple and unique. Actually the wood is easier to carve into many shapes and designs. As we can see from the picture, the  wooden wedding rings are combined with metal element circling at the center making the wood motif so glowing.

Wooden Male Wedding Rings

The other use metal elements at the inside part circling the rings. They look so comfortable to use and the wood colors express antiquity. The wooden wedding rings are relatively cheaper than the golden or diamond one. But It still gives chance for getting more ornaments like diamonds, ruby or emerald. The wood to be selected for the rings also conveys the strength and longevity. Put them on your and your spouse fingers and the feel will be different. If you feel this is too light for a wedding rings, just select one that combines about half or third of metal or gold material.

Wooden Inlay Wedding Rings

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