Yellow Wedding Invitations

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Wedding invitation in specific color theme is great idea. Take a yellow for example. With innovative and creative design the wedding invitation can be so fun for everybody. To this theme, we have wide array of yellow gradation ranging from pale yellow to the dark yellow. Consider well whether you want to give the yellow background or yellow wording. Check online for more inspirations and numerous templates are available. Contrast between background and the letters makes overall theme of the wedding invitation. Additionally we can add more combinations and motifs including the use of great and unique envelope. For more ornaments we might place a yellow rose mark to the cover or use of yellow ribbon.

As seen in the picture, the yellow wedding invitation presents simple and beautiful look to be sent. Size and shape also matter to this purpose. The best suggestion is using intermediate size and standard shape. Let the printing and background work everything else for you. Just write down all information crucially to convey in best manner.